Why use Mosaikus?

MOSAIKUS improves all of the organization management, integrating and facilitating the administration of quality, environmental safety, safety and health management systems.

Increase performance and optimize the time dedicated to management.

to your organization

MOSAIKUS is a web and mobile platform that assist the management model in the way to excellence, formed by interconnected applications that facilitate the integrated management system administration. MOSAIKUS's structure allows an increasing and gradual transition in the use of the tools and modules available.


No needs to install. Completely compatible with operative systems existing, you only need a web navigator. Intuitive and friendly design.


SaaS Mode. Access to your information from anywhere and from any device. cualquier equipo.


MOSAIKUS adapts and grows with each organization's needs.


SSL Certification in the whole platform, databases with regular backups. Integrity, traceability, security, and data confidentiality.

Your organization
can obtain the greatest benefits from its management.

No needs to start up everything at the same time. MOSAIKUS has been designed for a progressive increase in the number of users as a database.
Updated and always available Information. No download restrictions.
Communication, collaboration, coordination, and knowledge sharing are keywords at the moment to choose MOSAIKUS.
Standardize indicators focused on what's fundamental and high impact. Improve response time and achievement of results. Simplify compliance with norms and international standards (ISO, OHSAS, HACCP, among others).
Improve processes, facilitate leadership and collaboration between all different production levels.

Organizational and Processes Structures

Basic structures for management flow.

The Organizational Structure allows reportability of key performance indicators (KPI) and follow-up the status of each area in every module in MOSAIKUS, facilitating management autonomy and decision-making for managers of each department. Departments or areas have defined who is in charge, positions, and workers, achieving crosstab and interactive reports for any of the fields and reach.

The Processes Structure makes it possible to map all the activities that take place in the detection, evaluation, and measure of risks in the field defined for the reach of the management system, like quality, processes, safety and health, environmental, legal, among others.


Streamline the way things happen

MOSAIKUS works with interconnected modules that ease integrated management system administration. From the beginning allows you to upload online information, build your database from zero, and at the same time, you can start managing it. Forget bulks load data and begin to build your history with MOSAIKUS.

Organizational and Processes Structures

Organize information making it easy to track tasks and actions. The input data of the management system contain it in this structure and, the reportability strengthens the empowerment of each area in decision-making.

Forms and Records

This module makes easy administration of forms, forms with validity, display they, and you could use intelligent parameters for management and records analysis.


You can manage training actions and record them in the system.


Critical competencies &
& health requirements

This module allows you to detect breaches in critical competencies and compliance with the health requirements of people according to their positions help you to manage at any time.

Dynamic Dashboards

They prioritize and manage information in a simple and focused way to facilitate management decision-making.

Document Management

You can see a personalized, elegant, easy, and fast visualization of all company documentation through Mosaikus.


This module allows saving personal data linked to the management system, whether they are own or third parties.


Mosaikus allows the management of corrective actions and management system corrections and identifies high potential incidents.

Plans & Programs

Manage and report in real-time the status of compliance with customized management programs. Connects with a smartphone application to facilitate field management.

Risk Management

This module facilitates management based on the integrated risks of the business with a focus on what is fundamental. It enables online traceability of management through "SMART" verifiers. It has an integrated risk matrix.

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